Sunday, August 23, 2009

Card for the Coach

This is for my son and neice's baseball coach. All the kids will sign it for him. At the beginning of the season there was no coach so they asked for parent volunteers. Cory stepped up to the plate {sorry!} and he has been so great. When I was thinking of ideas I was thinking of making a run to the LSS for baseball PP. Then I thought, WWND? {what would Nichole do?} LOL. She'd get out Star Prints. So here is a card using star prints and Cosmo Crickett The Boyfriend pp. I also did Nichole's idea of notching the edges of the paper for the twine to stay put. The inside says Thank You Coach, also from Star Prints.
Now, when I showed this to my mom today I said I have a heck of a time making guy cards. She said "well it doesn't really look like a guy card but it's very nice". So now I'm hoping it's "guy" enough.


Rosemary said...

I think it is definitely "guy enough" for the coach!! Wonderful card!

jen said...

I think it looks like a guy card! I like it!

Aimes said...

This is a fab guy card - I love those colours!
Had to giggle at WWND? LOL! I think we should all start thinking like that for sure!

Lance and Coralee Kulman said...

These last three are absolutely beautiful. They get better all the time. How you come up with them amazes me.

Babies- Beth said...

Oh, what a great coach card- I'd say it's perfect!