Friday, April 3, 2015

New Craft Room space

One of my favorite things to look at on Pinterest and the PTI forum is other people's crafting spaces, and how people store their supplies. So I thought I would do a post about my new room. This used to be my son's bedroom. He is 13, and decided this fall that he would like to take the basement bedroom. So we traded spaces.

This room is about 1/3 the size of my previous craft room. I had to get rid of quite a bit, including my table that wouldn't even fit in this space. I got this smaller table at IKEA, and it's working out just fine.

I got the idea of positioning the table facing into the room on Pinterest. It will be nice this summer to be able to look out the window and get fresh air.

The IKEA kitchen island on the right is my cutting counter. The drawers hold lots of different supplies including punches, tools, scrap paper and Big Shot supplies.

There was a vanity in this room before. When we were building this house I became PG. Because there is no bath tub on the main floor, we decided to put a vanity in Peyton's nursery. It was his bath tub for the first 15 months. I replaced it with one that's a little more my taste. This is from Home Decorator's. Home Depot now carries a lot of their items {and you can order their products online} and will honor their sale prices. The mirror is from World Market.

In my previous space I had a lot of things 'out', and die racks attached to the wall. In a small room it just doesn't work that way. I had California Closets come back and make a few more shelves for this closet to maximize the space. The metal laundry basket on the bottom holds my sewing machine.

I had a tie holder installed for my nestabilities dies - it slides in and out.

And this is my new way to store PTI felt. I used to hang it from a Clip it Up ribbon holder on the wall. These little bins are from Container Store. I love them for lots of things because of the dividers.

I use a lot of these acrylic storage containers so I put some non-slip pads in the bottoms of the island drawer to keep them from moving all around.
I'm using my room a lot more now that it's on the main floor of our home. And it's actually easier to craft with everything so close.
This is the first time I've picked a paint color that is wrong. Goodness it's a bit much. But we were covering a darker green and it was so much work that I'm going to leave it be for now. I might paint the three non-window walls a neutral color and leave the window wall pink.
If you made it to this point thank you for joining me:)

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Double Die Cuts Make it Monday

This week's Make it Monday at Papertrey Ink is about double die cuts.
I've seen the technique before but never tried it until now.

I had to do this twice because the first time I cut away the wrong part of the front panel! If you've never tried this give it a whirl. It's a super fun technique.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Clear Stamp Storage - converting to pockets

I'm sure not the first to do this conversion, but I thought I would share the steps of actually putting the stamps on the transparency in case anyone else is wondering about that part.

These are the transparency sheets I got at Office Depot, 100 for $39.00. I thought they might be a little too thin but they worked just fine.

This job had to be done at the kitchen table. I had the paper inserts cut at Kinko's (measurements are on Jennifer McGuire's post about her storage system). I made labels for each set with my label maker and 1/2" tape, black print on white background. I placed the label on the paper insert, not on the plastic pocket. I used Avery Elle pockets and got them via Walmart online and picked them up in store.

I cut the transparency sheets to 6 1/2" x 4 3/4". I used a piece of CS under the transparencies to make it easier to see them. After placing the label on the transparency, flip it over. Then lay your open CD case and orient the stamps so they match your new label, then just transfer them over. 

I combined smaller sets that are alphabetically close.

My stamps took two Fridge Binz before converting, and now are in one. There is a teeny section in the back for non-PTI stamps. I am a big fan of PTI products. I made Aqua Mist flower stickers to denote sets that have coordinating dies. I don't store my dies with the stamps.
The only thing I don't care for on the pockets is the flap. I tore a few pockets by manipulating the flap, and I find it unnecessary. So I have the flap on the back and just fold them down inside.

I recently moved the craft room into a much smaller room. I have a standard closet with California Closet shelving for storage. The binz fit perfectly on the shelves. Having a small room on the main floor of our house meant changing how I store things because I didn't want to leave everything out.

I hope this was helpful to anyone thinking of doing this. It was worth doing. I love this system.