Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Kodi is 5 months old now, and is 6 pounds heavier that he
was supposed to be. He is chewing the heck out of everything.
Diane recommended a good place for him to stay while we
are on vacation called Biscuits. I called to schedule his stay
and this is what I found out:
Girl on the phone: "what would be a convenient time for you
to bring him in for an interview?"
Me: "what do you mean?"
Girl: "we have to make sure he can get along with other
dogs - does he get along well with other dogs?"
Me: "well, he's a puppy. So far he seems to get along with
other dogs".
Girl: "can you come in on the 18th of this month?"
Me: "sure".
So on July 18th we'll see if he can get a good mark in 'plays
well with others'. If not Marge might be doggie sitting:)

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